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Ashok Bhatia, 66 years old or 66 years young

m_ASHOK BHATIA 11-8-2014

In 1968 residents of Indore, Ashok Bhatia originally came to Mumbai. So from childhood was fond of writing here at Mumbai’s Hindi is the only newspaper The Economic Times’ letters to the editor “in column complaining Vgerh idea began to write. The paper also gave him a lot. Hobby turned into a day of writing and professional writing Mumbai’s Hindi newspaper jansatta ‘economic issues in addition to writing papers in several languages. In 1999, after heart disease and had to write about films and fashion began writing. Ashok Bhatia any claim that India is not where the rest of Hindi newspaper and magazine articles are not printed. On the advice of your doctor in 2009 and he retired at the age of 60 to spend life decided to settle in Mumbai Vasai left. Vasai was new for them gonna live the life of struggle to create your own space. He, on the advice of someone in Vasai ‘Vasai East Senior Citizen Association’ subscribed to. Soon they were active for the regeneration of the senior citizen there. Given their active members elected him secretary of the organization. During his tenure, he worked for the upliftment of senior citizen, such as the municipal corporation to make the grant, the number of its members increased from 450 to 750, the year for the benefit of its members and ordinary citizens about 6 Free Medical Camp inset, Metropolitan Municipality with the help of newly Dispensri open to free treatment of the senior citizen, senior citizen Vgerh lot open for free reading. In addition to his writing, he will use the knowledge of the problems of today’s senior citizens by the government through various papers pahuchate live. Today the fame of their deeds Vasai – Virar is in. His full-time Senior Citizen Services slips, it seems as though he is busy at work in their remaining lives are donated to the regeneration of the senior citizen. His actions led to the widespread fame recently he extends the 20-member senior citizen Virar Federation of Naigaon ‘Vasai Taluka joint senior citizen organization’s president is elected. Huye its chairman in office for the upliftment of their seniors senior citizens is intended for government services, such as senior citizens free pilgrimage, senior citizen pension plan, senior citizen insurance scheme is Vgerh done.

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