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Director Shiraz Henry who has earlier directed films like ‘The dark secrets of Tonhi’ which was released in 2014 and ‘Beyond the third kind’ released in 2015 has formed a new production house by the name of “MIDDLE FINGER CREATIONS” and has made two movies under this banner in a span of 2 months . Shiraz Henry says he wants to make 100 such films where budget is less than 50 lacs per film by the end of 2016 December. Initially one movie every month till December 2015, then a target of 90 films in the year 2016. He will be taking different directors, writers, actors under this banner and plans to make Hindi, English as well as regional movies.

Filmi Raseela (8)Filmwalaexp

Filmi RaseelaFilmwalaexp

His latest film “FILMI RAASLEELA” is made under the banner of “MFC  Middle Finger Creations” with new actors Faheem Khan, Gunjan Aras, Devi Dola, Jannat Shaikh, Shweta, Fareed Khan, Amit Aseem & Ramesh Venkatesh. It has two songs, 1 Item song ‘Pushpa Jawan Hui’, which is a hit song of this year and another ‘Dhankane Badh Rahi’, which was shot at various locations including Daman.

Filmi Raseela (5)FilmwalaexpFilmi Raseela (3)Filmwalaexp

Item song is performed by sensational glamour doll, Jannat Shaikh. Also Ramesh Venkatesh who has acted in films like Robot is playing main negative character in this movie.

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