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JYOTI BHUSHAN TIWARI fondly addressed as Dr. J.B.TIWARI, is an exceptionally educated, well behaved, religious and an intellectual Business Tycoon who has forayed into Bollywood to produce films that conveys a definite message to the public. Besides being a Business Tycoon, he has the aspiration to make his mark in the Mecca of Hindi films – Bollywood which is very rare.

He is to be admired for his simplicity and solemnity by virtue of which he has ascended the superior summit and has set up such a titanic empire.

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It is with the benign blessings of his revered parents and his fortitude that he has struggled to set up his SONACHI INDUSTRIES LIMITED, besides running several group of companies including SONACHI BLOTECH LIMITED, SONAHI PHARMA PVT LTD, SONAHI REALTY & INFRA PVT LTD, SONAHI HOTELS AND HOSPITALITY PVT LTD & now his film production house, SONACHI FILMS & MEDIA INC.,.

He has made India proud with his brand alliances with the best from the West and running five corporate houses in Mumbai is no joke. It needs dedication, devotion, and sincerity to surfe forward successfully.

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Recently he opened his plush office christened as SONACHI FILMS & MEDIA INC in Goregaon (East) with pomp & show.

Dr. J. B. TIWARI has already shown financial interest in a couple of Hindi films.

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Presently he is busy with the recording for his ambitious music album based on SAI BABA and all the songs are being sung by him with his melodious voice and plan to release the album at SAI BABA’S Divine abode in Shirdi.

The production house has films in the pipeline and shooting is in progress in various locales in Mumbai. The 1st movie is SAKHIYAN, directed by Sunny Kapoor, written by Ravindra Sudan, cinematography by Hemant Sharma. The starcast comprises of Ankush Mohite, Raj Gautam, Aparna, Tilakraj, Ravindra Sudan, Kajol, Rukshana and Nilakshi.

The 2nd Movie is PYAR KA ACHAAR, written-directed by T. R. Chutani, cinematography by Maqsood Qureshi and stars Ankita Sharma, Sudanram Phatak, Rachna Thakur, Niranjan Nalawade and other important characters. The film is based on thriller.

The 3rd Movie is 25th DECEMBER  written and  directed by Naveen Kumar Arora and starring Mukesh Khanna, Kiran Kumar, Mushraq Khan, Mohit Manganani, Saurav, Mohit Dubey, Aarna, Pranali, Priya etc. The film is based on suspense with music harmoniously composed by Dhiraj Sen with Editing by Guddu Jafry.

The 4th Movie is RASIK BALMA, directed by Yatendra Rawat “Babloo”, written by Satyam Chauhan, Music by Shafique Indori, Cinematography by Chanakya  Chatterjee and stars Raja Chaudhary, Sudhir Rathi, “Rasiklal”,Manav Sohal, Ajay Nayak, Alisha, Priti Singhaniya and other important characters.

All the four movies have the vital twists and an entire combination of comedy, suspense, murder and thrills.

  1. J.B. TIWARI has also plans to produce Television Serials that conveys a message and has a commercial value.

We extend our hearty wishes to DR. J.B.TIWARI for his successful journey in Bollywood and for his ventures.

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