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The fashion industry in India has changed over time but how much it has changed in the last some years, an idea about given by a model and actress Arjumman mughal

In an exclusive interview with arjumman mughal-“I’m here in vadodara for fete n fiesta presents F coridor a fashion show.
There was zero platform years ago. I remember, 2006 when I enter in modeling it was by chance I never knew anything about fashion. We use to wear simple salwar suits and no tv in the whole village to get the knowlage and education about fashion.  I always wanted to become a great actress I was always appriciated by everyone for everything I did. I belive in my childhood only tht I’m going to be very special person in life. As I enters in modeling it was very easy for me to pose and I aded bit of my personal expression and and posses from my dance as I’m have practice basics of classical dance Bollywood contemporary martial arts and now tennis. It was easy for me. I always acted in my modeling assignments that were not like model model walk. i became special model for many designers. and it was wonderful well appreciated. So I could do lot of print shoots ramp walk as showstopper. Credit goes to my the unique personality and different behavior. always wanted to walk on ramp but due to my height I use to feel inferior.

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But when I walked I saw a happiness in pple’s face looking at me seriously n laughiing with my smile and looking at me with attitude and smile and fun. I realise pple are reflecting me. And i became confident abt walk then I started walking on ramp without caring abt other heighten models I was looking kid in front of them. But whenever I walked pple fell for me. In my village “There were hardly four or five shops that we can go to. And there was nothing like fashion week, there was nothing like young designers exhibiting their stuff,” But when I wear such designer dresses in today’s time I feel I’m great. “And today there was 20 designers here fete n fiesta f corridor event .. who years ago didn’t exist”never heard of them but they are changing fashion industry. and added, “Many of them are doing so well and in crores, they have turnover.” Now designers have created such a name for themselves not only vadodara but all over india and buyers come to them. On being asked that it is being criticized that most of the clothes that are shown during catwalk on ramp can’t be wear in normal life, she said, years ago people used to say that,
Today, nobody will ask that question. Today everything which models show (on ramp) is wearable. One or two things may be for effect but rest all is wearable.” If fashion designers will not make clothes which can be wear
“And if they (designers) don’t make wearable cloth, where they are going to sell them? They have to show wearable clothes”, Plus I belive some dresses are made to prove the uniqueness. Of the designers mind. People dosnt care much they wear what they feel in today’s time. Clothing is not that big issue which use to be…

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