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Well Established Web Portal OF LINE PROPERTY SALE AND PURCHASE. Fabinfra.com(world of fabulous infrastructure ) is a leading edge provider of real estate solutions. With a city wide network of resources, the firm offers a slew of premium services targeted at key communities, from end customers to builders, realtors and corporate with unique real estate needs.

Fab infra

Good Relationship, Clean and Clear Deal and Customer Satisfaction, these are three pillars on which Prime Property Dealers stands. with the help and strength of these 3 pillars we have climbed the ladder of success with a lightening speed.

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we provide Comprehensive Relocation Services for Leasing / Buying Residential & Commercial Property in Mumbai to Individuals, Multinational Companies, Corporations, Executives, Expatriates and NRI’s. With Our Local Expertise and Extensive Network in Mumbai, We are able to provide you with best Options. please check on website


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