R-Vision a music company launched by Mr Ravindra Singh more than a decade back and was successful in releasing hundreds of various melodious music albums ranging from hit romantic numbers, patriotic, gazals, sports and devotional songs. As Ravindra himself is a intense music lover and singer, he also has a passion for film making and therefore he produced various films in different genre, like blockbuster hits, ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Sala’, ‘I M 24’, ‘Nakshatra’, ‘In Rahon Se’ and now ‘Rock In Love’ which is under production.




Now R-Vision’s new music album “FROM THE HEART” with music by Satya Manek Afsar, Lyrics by Ateeq Allahabadi and rendered by Ravindra Singh, is being released, this album has been shot in exotic locations of Malsej Ghat, Goa & Bangkok by director Anuja Sachdev on Ravindra Singh & foreign model Lili, all songs are melodies specially “Tera Milna” which touches chords of listeners heart. Ravindra Singh said that he did not had any training by any renowned music director but he was having a passion toward music which turned him a singer, in spite being a businessman, and he want to bring new talents for music lovers through his channel R-Vision TV.

m_m_Lily in Tera Milna 077 m_m_Lily & Ravindra Singh in Tera Milna 140

R-Vision has also ventured in small screen with “R-Vision TV” – A Movie & Music Channel, broadcasting many popular movies. Apart from movies R-Vision TV is broadcasting many shows based on melodious music of Bollywood and happenings in Film Industry like ‘Dil Se’, ‘Geet Jo Sabne Gungunaye’, ‘Dhundli Yaadein’, ‘Special Moments’, ‘Filmy Friday’, ‘Bollywood Trivia’, ‘Filmy Hulchal’ and many more to come. R-Vision Channel is on air in Gujrat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and all over India through various distributors and channels. R-Vision is slowly but steadily gaining lots of viewership.

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