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The release of Vikas Bahl directorial “Shaandaar” saw Vikas Verma all muscled up for his character Rohin Fundwani

Besides his acting talent, the hunk has also made waves for his great body which is definitely one of the high lights of the film and oomph factors. Vikas yet again will blow the audience with his desirable body.

Vikas Verma &  Shahid Kapoor

Strenuous workout regimes and a strict, disciplined diet are the secrets behind the Greek god looks of Vikas Verma “My character is all about muscles. The character is inclined towards flaunting his bare body. Infact i used to feel really shy flaunting my body which is actually through out the film. So yes I was on a diet to achieve that body required for the role and I loved doing that. Robin Fundwani (the character) was an interesting character to play- a gym maniac who loves his brother Sanjay Kapur and his muscles and his protein and his gym. I loved exploring different shades of that character”. Talking about the difficulties he faced Vikas says “The only difficulty I faced was the freezing cold climate in UK. I mean most of my scenes demanded me to go shirtless, which gets difficult keeping the climate in mind. Otherwise there was no such difficulty I faced. Personally I am a gym person who works out regularly

Dulha of Shaandaar was on low carb diet for whole movie schedule says the Dulha himself “I  couldn’t enjoy much of food in UK as my character needed to be full ripped and always with 8 packs so I was mostly avoiding taste in the beautiful country but it’s all worth in the end”

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