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A tone that has a stunning quality to it, voice that is mellifluously complimentary, personality that is uniquely charming, sensibility that forms the basis for the expression that her voice emotes, Kiran Sachdev is sure someone to lookout for.

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Having started her training at the tender age of 5,Kiran’s musical journey started at an early stage, and there has been no looking back since. She started out by reciting gurbani in her city gurudwaras, moved on to participating in and winning state and national level singing competitions, and subsequently a more active participation in college and university level events ensued.

This paved the way for professional endeavors and the ever coveted reality shows.

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Kiran was a finalist of the most popular singing reality competition SaReGaMaPa. Alongside she has lent her vocals for a number of remixes and regional film songs. On stage, she finds solace in letting her voice capture the listener, and has performed nationwide, and internationally across various cities in Europe and the UK, with London deserving a special mention. She was fortunate enough to be felicitated by the Indian high commission, in cities London and Berlin.

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Also worth mentioning is the fact that she has recorded an album with the Ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh ji, and has rendered her voice for another devotional project alongside playback singer Sukhwinder Singh ji. Her academic proficiency has imparted her with a flexibility which has enabled her to grasp and sing in 10 different languages, which includes the international language Persian, with all respective linguistic nuances intact.

Last and not the least, Kiran Sachdev has been an ardent student and has served as a systems engineer in one of the leading IT consultancy firms of India. Her intellect and intelligence are analytical, while her soul and spirit are artistic. And both these qualities gel together beautifully to produce an artist who is as artful as insightful.

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