Well-known 3rd degree Black Belt holder Sir Tenzing Sherpa from Japan, inaugurated a restaurant in Mira Road on 2nd October 2015, which is specialised for ‘Momos’. This restaurant named as “Momos n More”, is specialises in North Eastern food specially mouth-watering Momos. Rebecca Changkija who happens to be a film producer opened her new food joint after being successful in Malad.

Vedprakash,Producer C P Singh, Tenzing Sherpa, Director Shiraz Henry, actor Aslam Aziz & Producer  RebeccaFilmwalaexp

Sir Tenzing Sherpa, who also happens to be partner with Ms Rebecca, said that there staff will be making ‘Momos’ in different flavours, right from taste for children’s, younger and senior citizens, they will be making ‘Momos’ with chocolate, cream, dry fruits flavour beside veg & non-veg, especially with North-East flavour.

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