People come to Mumbai with big dreams, but very few people live up to it. Once in Mumbai, they transform into something else. This transformation is depicted in Hindi movie ‘Life in Mumbai’ by Producer Dharmik B Bodra and Director Armaan Zahidi.80 per cent of the movie is complete and is scheduled to be released in August 2015. VB Group is the co-producer of the film and the film’s executive Producer is Dilip Patel who also designed the project.   

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               This is Producer Bodra’s first movie. He has been involved in producing remix videos. “The subject is good and the movie has masala,” Dharmik B Bodra says. Director Armaan Zahidi has been the assistant for known  directors like Vijay Anand, Chandra Barot, Mehul Kumar etc. This is his first solo movie as a Director. “This shows the stark reality of the people coming to pursue dreams in Mumbai. Mumbai’s life is so fast and people don’t have time to think. This makes or breaks them,” Armaan Zahidi says.

Life In Mumbai

             Produced by Dharmik B. Bodra with V.B. Group as the co-producers & directed by Armaan Zahidi, the film has Amarkant as the director of photography with Prekhar-Vaibhav providing the musical composition. Wajahat Khan ‘Sami’ is the production controller of this film.In the star cast the film features newcomers like Sana Khan, Heer Khan, Roshi D’ccunha, Firdaus Khan, Kusum, Ajay Sharma and Sadaf and is ably supported by veteran actors like Ali Khan, Mushtaq Khan,Anil Dhawan, Anant Jog, Raj Pathak, Chetan Shetty and Shiva in its cast.Others in the credits include lyrics by Niranjan Sharma and art direction by Chetan Chudasama

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