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Mumbai.President Maavjibhai B Katpara of the social organization Param Pujya Shiromani Shri Rohitdasvanshi Vadhiyara Chamar Samaj handed over a memorandum seeking caste certificate to Cabinet Minister of Social Justice and Special Assistance Shri. Rajkumar Badole in order to apprise him of the various problems, which are being faced by the Gujarati Vadhiyara Chamar Samaj community at large. This memorandum was submitted to the Minister at Mantralaya by the members of the Samaj. It has been stated in the memorandum that  the rules and regulations for caste certificate  laid way back on 10 August 1950 should be repealed especially because Maharashtra State was not in existence then and was declared as an independent state only on May 1, 1960 and because of this it has been very difficult to procure caste certificates.

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On this occasion, the co-secretary of the organization Aaljibhai Peet Maru says, “The members of our society are facing a lot of hassles over procuring caste certificate and domicile certificate. The rules should be relaxed. The common man should not be made to run from pillar to post and yet not be able to procure the certificates. The Vadhiyara Samaj  is not able to get  facilities from the government to  educate its youth, procure employment for them. The procedure for issuing caste as well as domicile certificates should be easier and the act laid down way back on 10 August 1950 should be cancelled.”

On this occasion, Vadhiyara Samaj’s Vice President Ramjibhai Nanji Parmar, Secretary Nathubhai Karsan Dodhiya, Co-secretary Aljibhai Peet Maroo, Nathubhai Savji Singhal, Jeshingbhai Bavji Kathpara, Paljibhai Savji Kathpara, Peetabhai Lakha Solanki, Savjibhai Bhanja Chawda, Vishrambhai Amara Moriya, Devjibhai Nathu Chawda etc explained to the Minister about the various difficulties that they have to face in presence of more than 50 members of the organisation.

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