Surkhaab is a movie that explores the underlying themes of globalization, cross immigration and women empowerment. Barkha plays the protagonist in the movie, a judo champion who goes to Canada alone to find a job.

The actress has performed her own stunts in the film and to keep her character real she even wore the same outfit  throughout the film.

And as you’d know, Barkha Madan has recently become a Buddhist Monk and is a Dalai Lama follower. This is her last project as an actress. She has earlier worked in television shows and movies like Samay and Bhoot.

Not just that, she was also a Miss India finalist in 1984, the year that Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai won big at the beauty pageant.

Synopsis: Surkhaab, begins with the story of Jeet (Barkha Madan), a state level Judo champ living in Punjab. In spite of hailing from a strong army background Jeet is unable to find a stable job and decides to run away to Canada to find a job. What follows is her inspiring journey to make a life for herself, protect herself and her family and deal with several unforeseen circumstances, in her run across her new country.

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