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Rakesh  K. Chaudhary is The businessman from UP who have now entered the glamourous word of film industry to produced Bhojpuri & Hindi films. The main reason for him to become producer is he says ‘ Today all films made are not subject oriented they lack subject, content, and to deliver message for society.”

I am producing films which is subject oriented and will give a strong message for viewers, society in particular and young generation. My film has all the ingredients for Entertainment along with the subject and pleasing music.

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This Film Is being made under the banner of Rajnandni Film Entertainment, and being Produced by Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Directed by Vinod Masih, Music by Chandan Vikas, starring Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Anand Dev Mishra, Priya Rajput, Komal Mishra, Ali Khan and others.  Post Production work is in full swing for an early release for which he gives credit to his entire team.

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