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Animated, comedy-adventure.
Produced by: Rajiv Chilaka and Samir  Jain

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Written by : Teja Pratap
Directed by: Rajiv Chilaka and Rosauro.B.Addrable Music: John Stewart

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Naam Se chhota but kaam se bade bade pahaad(Mountain) chad jaai. Aisa hai  Chhota LBheem.Movie will take you to the world of snow  i.e Manali. Chhota  Bheem along with his team wanted to play with snow, so all of them went to Manali with the permission of king, but unfortunately they were not getting permission to get inside the kingdom of Manali. As always happen when there is HERO there is a VILLAIN. Chhota Bheem and team came to know that they can’t go inside the kingdom because of  Hidambak i.e villain of movie. Real Movie starts from there, Children will not stop Laughing.
Great sense of comedy in the movie.

You will enjoy great Manali in the movie.
Great entertaining movie. Movie will teach you how to face untoward situations
It will boost your confidence level, Age, Height doesn’t matter if you have courage and confidence you can tackle any situation.
Movie clearly stated that friendship is great power with which you can achieve anything in life.
Always give your hand to truth.
Children will enjoy the film thru out.
The technically a perfect film. Photography is one the highlight. Direction is the plus point.
On the whole this film will defiantly make their investors very happy.
The credit  for making such a wonderful film for children goes to the director Rajiv Chilaka and producer Samir Jain.
Both deserve Kudos .

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