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Rohit Pathak Stars short film ‘That Sunday’ Director Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant has managed to hit 15 million views on YouTube. This is thriller short film on house’s wife best kept secrets. This short film was officially selected for the Cannes film festival. Actor Rohit Pathak was seen playing the main antagonist in the movie produced by Roller Coaster Motion Pictures. The film has selected in the 14 outstanding Short film of India. Million’s of people watching this film and film getting global audiences from places like Brazil, Poland, Egypt, Israel, and many more countries. That Sunday team has decided to double out efforts and showcase more of to our audiences through the format of a web.

rohit-pathak3 rohit-pathak2 rohit-pathak

Rohit Pathak Said, “Today I’m extremely happy as my short film “That Sunday” crossed 15 million views on YouTube. I would like to thank my fans and audience for there immense support and love. I found the concept was quite new and different from a typical regular film and I really liked the script for myself. In future I wish to work on such kind of Short film.”

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