We always talk about woman sexual harassment prevalent in our Indian

Film Industry, but here man sexual harassment is also increasing day by

day. GAAND is a very hard hitting film about male sexual harassment,

where we see, a boy comes to Mumbai in order to achieve his dream of

becoming a writer & director.

How people take advantage of his sexuality and then throw him away after use, the pain that he goes through as a result of this ordeal is the central focus of the film. Director Partha Sarathi Manna has directed this short film, he has earlier directed award winning short films like “LOC…a play ground”, “KITE…the messenger” & a Bengali feature film “Misti cheler dustu buddhi”.

GAAND has been made under the banner of ROAD SIDE MOVIEZ. This film is produced by Yogesh Singh & Sachin Karande. The Lead character is played by Suubrat Pradhan. This film is participating in many film festivals. We will be able to watch it very soon on.

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