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Bollywood industry is rapidly getting more and more competitive to capture the eyeballs in the opening weekend of a movie release and this is keeping the makers on their toes to roll out innovative ideas in order to promote their films.

Innovations by Emraan Kureshi….

what is innovation?
Innovation is basically creating a new idea which has never been seen or done before. 21st century is all about competition in all the sectors and to grab the top position and success. Innovation is must, which is different and better from others. Emraan Kureshi is one such innovator and entrepreneur, which has never fail to impress his clients by his innovation to promote their products, Corporate, Hollywood or Bollywood. People are just looking at Emraan for out of the box innovations.

Marketing the strategies as a professional marketer.. Deciding on your Audience.. Creating a Psychological Process Profile.. Connect a Type of Marketing Strategy.. Assess your Efforts..  Innovations or New Age Strategies are the ways and means to get to your establish goals..

Below are the list of the innovation done by Emraan Kureshi.

Corporate Innovations:

Club Mahindra:
 Club Mahindra wanted to promote their new Kerala tour package in an innovative way. Emraan came up with the idea of highlighting the points for which Kerala city is famous and one of them is the animal elephant. An augmented screens were place in malls where people have to stand at the mark opposite the screen where they could see an elephant coming near them and spraying water. This helped Club Mahindra to experience more footfalls for the inquiry of Kerala tour.

Reliance Digital: Reliance Digital organised laptop festival. They wanted to promote their outdoor campaign ‘Boot up your life’ through which they can make customers aware about special offers and discounts on Laptops. Thus Emraan created Laptop benches which looked exactly like an open laptop. These benches where kept at many public places where they can sit and relax and also read about the festivals which was printed on the laptop benches.

Tata Docomo: To reach out to the people with the broadband express campaign of Docomo Network, Emraan came up with an idea of promoting it by comparing it with speed. Thus people on Segway’s with the Docomo posters placed on it were made to blaze in the city. Even the posters were placed in the gym on the treadmills, in the video game zones in the malls and also on the movie ticket counters.

Hollywood Innovations:

Pixel Movie: To promote the movie, Emraan came up with the idea of giving people real life experience of being attacked by video game for which thrillingly innovative 3D content was created. A live video stream of pack-man was played on screen converting real life people into pixels. When the people came inside the theater and were waiting for the movie to begin, they could see themselves on the theater screen were a huge pack-man would appear and eat them all.

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Minion Movie: In the releasing week of the movie, Emraan created Minion Dolls holding umbrella. These dolls were kept at the hotspots of Mumbai such as Marine Drive, CST, Bandra Bandstand and more. Since it was the month of rains, umbrella was the best prop on which the release date of the movie was printed. Each minion provided a picturesque spot and in no time each of the locations turned out to be the selfie hot spot.

Martian Movie: It was one of the most awaited movies and to maintain the excitement, Emraan planned to launch its trailer in a very unique way. Sea water was used, a huge sea water fountain curtain was organised where the trailer of the movie was shown. This is method is used for the first time to release a trailer of any movie.

inovations (2)

Jurassic Park Movie: Emraan brought extinct dinosaurs back to life to promote Jurassic Park movie. At a famous beach front in Mumbai, the foot impression of a huge dinosaur was created, where as to make believe or appear, as if a dinosaur has just passed from that way.


Bollywood Innovations:

Mr. X Movie:
 It was an Indian 3D science fiction thriller about a man who gains the power of invisibility. Emraan brought interactive content to life using the augmented reality. It gave people a chance to experience the indivisibility. An augmented screen was places where people has to stand in front of the screen and wave hands. Soon they saw themselves getting vanish from the screen even when things around them still remains the same. This innovation helped movie a lot to grab the eyeballs.

Bombay Velvet Movie:
 The idea was to showcase the core idea of the movie that how a man turns negative to achieve his dreams. Thus at various theaters, a setup was made where people has to stand in front of the screen and click on a go button. As soon as they click, they get the hard copy of their photo in negative film format of 35mm quality.

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