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Mumbai, Nov 2015 : Beraks – Short Film Starring Tanu Weds Manu Fame Deepak Bobriyal is a reality check on the religious duplicity in India. Not many have the guts to show real, hard-hitting facts which lie behind the facade of the Indian culture. Director Sairaj helped us to remove these cultural blinders through his movie Ber-aks. The movie is one of the best short films of 2015. Even being as low-profiled as it is, the makers managed to awe us with the realism in it’s storyline. The film shows how we as people are nothing but hypocrites and use norms, traditions and culture according to our convenience but condemn others who do so.


The story of Beraks is about five men, amongst which one is a Hindu priest. The group ventures out one night in search of a prostitute. They call up a pimp and ask him to supply them with one and their only stipulation is that the girl should be Muslim by religion.

The pimp sends them a girl whom he bought just that day from Hyderabad. The men take the girl to the priest’s house and rape her one by one. Lastly, it is the priest who enters the room to rape the girl but asks her to tell her name before. The girl then reveals a secret which shocks the priest so much that he immediately starts to do anything that is possible to beg his forgiveness from the girl and undo the atrocities that were done to her.

It shockingly resonates the fact of how our society differentiates between women on the basis of religion and cast.

The movie is directed and written by Sairaj and stars Tanu Weds Manu series famed,Deepak Dobriyal in it. Also amongst the cast of the film are Kashish Dhanoya, Ajay Tapkire, Rajesh Vashisht, Muzafer Khan, Viren Bablu Khan and Arun Bhadsawale.

Film Releasing on 20th November 2015 Exclusively on YouTube Channel Biscoot Short Films. ( https://goo.gl/hjA6uw )

Beraks is a small 15 minute film but gives out a very strong message not only to the Indian community but also to the entire human race.

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