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“Divine Darshan” is a majestic and mystically sublime display that pays devotional homage to a select 32 of the myriad Divine and magnificent Deities, Saints and Gurus, which are revered and worshipped in Indian Culture.

Worship in Vedic culture involves Pratimas, Mantras & Yantras and this sublime series is created by innovatively amalgamating them. A tri-fold Tribute is paid to the Divine by combining the 3 ways of worship namely, the Divine Pratimas which display the Form in all its glory, the Divine Mantras which can be soulfully sung or chanted and the Divine Yantras which are represented by a medley mix of the “Bindu” or dot, circles, triangles etc. These mesmeric and visual poetic creations are framed by artistically crafted and delightful floral borders in pleasing hues, in the style of Indian Miniature Paintings.

divinedarshan-6 divinedarshan-5

divinedarshan-2 divinedarshan-1

A sense of intense Bhakti seems to pervade these intricate and exquisitely detailed sumptuous visuals. The resultant positive spiritual energy is an atmosphere boost that triggers a perpetual flow of abundant happiness, raises personal vibrations and creates positive life changes.

The adornment of any of these Divine Jewels on the walls of your home will not only heighten your senses, but will charge the air of  your sanctuary and will transport you to lofty spheres with it’s pure, pulsating spirituality. This pervasive spiritual cleansing will transform the energy of your abode, re-energize your soul and fill your loved ones with peace, health and a sense of bliss.


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