Mumbai, October, 2015: A thought-provoking guest lecture by Rahman Abbas, Indian fiction and Urdu writer, marked the opening of an interesting series of discussions, #CMCEvenings, organized by Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication (TSCMC), conducted at their institute at Bandra.

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The discussion centered upon the need for every individual to have the freedom of expression, thought and speech. In the light of events involving writers returning their Sahitya Akademi awards, Rahman shed light upon a writer’s agony. “The scenario that has developed in the past few months has been very disturbing to a writer,” asserted Rehman.

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Rahman’s guest lecture was an interactive session, with the aim to spread the message that India as a growing democracy, needs to imbibe the value of tolerance in the youth. Rahman too, expressed similar concerns, that to shape the democracy, education institutes and religious organizations need to encourage liberal thought and acceptance of other’s views.

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Akhil Shahani, Director at Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media and Communication (TSCMC) expressed, “It is a matter of great pride to have amongst us Mr.Rahman Abbas, a professional with deep domain knowledge and a passion to write, address our budding youth of tomorrow. I thank Mr.Rahman for such an enlightening discussion.”

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