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FASHION SHOW FOR REAL FIGHTERS- A tribute to Cancer Patients was given by IDt in Gujrat. On the occasion of world cancer day a renowned fashion institute of Surat, Institute of Design and Technology joined hands with New Civil hospital to platform an awareness about cancer and how to deal with it through the most appealing way- A FASHION SHOW. has taken up an initiative to motivate the patients with “Yes I can do it” objective, This new way of educating has an opportunity to highlight the wide range of reasons responsible for this chronic disease and actions needed to prevent it- Patience and firmness.

One of the organizers of this event and Director of IDT, Mr. Anupam Goyal expresses “ As an educational institute, me and my students are always willing to promote such a cause with full determination and I am honored that New Civil Hospital has provided with this opportunity with a special thankful note to Student Nurses Association of India .”

This has been first time in the nation to educate the crowd and create awareness by A FASHION SHOW CANCER- A disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissues- not only tissues, this life taking menace destroys thousands of lives and shatters millions of families.

Though this life threatening disease’s patients have their own scary way to go through, it brings an ideal opportunity to us to create social awareness on February 4, a day to be observed as World cancer Day.

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